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We are the only vending business in central Michigan that is locally owned and operated. We put our customers first and strive to provide them with the products they want when they want it. Our cutting-edge equipment makes it easy to pay with credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other new technologies as they become available. Our technology also allows us to remotely monitor each machine for problems and know when it needs to be restocked. This allows us to keep our prices down by only coming out to reload your machine when it needs it, and only with the items that it needs.

Our goal is to use technology to improve the customer experience in every way. We base all of our decisions on what the customer wants. Our technology helps us make sure we always have the right products in stock.

In an effort to be more energy efficient, we've made lighting retrofits, driven energy efficient vehicles, and recycled materials like cardboard, older vending machines, cell phones, and printer cartridges. We use EnergyStar vending machines with LED lighting where possible to save even more energy.

  • Technology
    Our use of innovative technology, distribution, truck routing, and preventative maintenance ensures that customers get what they want when they want it most.

  • Energy Efficient

    All of our machines are equipped with energy efficient compressors, and LED lighting. We also work to refurbish and re-use equipment and parts as much as possible

  • Prevention

    Constant preventative maintenance ensures that the machines work as designed every time. This prolongs the life of the equipment and improves customer satisfaction.

Our Service Area

Our michigan service area footprint
  • Ailman, Michigan

  • Alcona, Michigan

  • Alma, Michigan

  • Alpena, Michigan

  • Ashley, Michigan

  • Atlanta, Michigan

  • Au Gres, Michigan

  • Auburn, Michigan

  • Avery, Michigan

  • Bangor Twp, Michigan

  • Bannister, Michigan

  • Bay City, Michigan

  • Beaverton, Michigan

  • Brant, Michigan

  • Breckenridge, Michigan

  • Bridgeport, Michigan

  • Carson City, Michigan

  • Chaplin, Michigan

  • Cheasaning, Michigan

  • Clare, Michigan

  • Coleman, Michigan

  • Crystal, Michigan

  • Duplain, Michigan

  • Edenville, Michigan

  • Edmore, Michigan

  • Elsie, Michigan

  • Elwell, Michigan

  • Essexville, Michigan

  • Eureka, Michigan

  • Fairview, Michigan

  • Fowler, Michigan

  • Fredric, Michigan

  • Freeland, Michigan

  • Galloway, Michigan

  • Gaylord, Michigan

  • Gladwin, Michigan

  • Grayling, Michigan

  • Hampton Twp, Michigan

  • Harrison, Michigan

  • Hope, Michigan

  • Houghton Lake, Michigan

  • Hubbardson, Michigan

  • Lakefield, Michigan

  • Lincoln, Michigan

  • Maple Rapids, Michigan

  • Merrill, Michigan

  • Middleton, Michigan

  • Midland, Michigan

  • Mills Township, Michigan

  • Mio, Michigan

  • Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

  • Newark, Michigan

  • Omer, Michigan

  • Oscoda, Michigan

  • Ostego Lake, Michigan

  • Pompeii, Michigan

  • Porter, Michigan

  • Portsmouth, Michigan

  • Roscommon, Michigan

  • Rose City, Michigan

  • Ryan, Michigan

  • Saginaw, Michigan

  • Sanford, Michigan

  • Secord, Michigan

  • Shepherd, Michigan

  • St. Charles, Michigan

  • St. Johns, Michigan

  • St. Louis, Michigan

  • Standish, Michigan

  • Sumner, Michigan

  • Tawas City, Michigan

  • Vestaburg, Michigan

  • Weidman, Michigan

  • West Branch, Michigan

  • Winn, Michigan

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